What Is The Difference Between School Friends and College Friends

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How can you tell if your new college friends are going to be your school friends, or the people who will last your entire life? To get a better idea of what makes a good friend, in this article we’ll go through the differences between being friends with someone in high school versus college.

What are school friends?

School friends are people we meet during our time at school. They can be people we go to the same classes with, or people we just happen to sit next to in class. We usually become friends with them because of our shared interests or because they make us feel comfortable. Sometimes, we might not get along with our school friends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be good friends.

What are college friends?

College is a time when students get to know each other better. This is especially true for friends who are in the same class. College friends can be really important during times when students need someone to lean on. They can also help each other out during tough times. College friends are usually there for each other, no matter what.

What are the differences between school friends and college friends?

There are a few key differences between school friends and college friends. First, in school, many of your friendships will be based around shared interests or activities. This is less likely to happen at college, where you may have more diverse groups of friends. Second, school friendships tend to be more informal than college friendships. College friendships are often more committed and supportive, with members sharing more personal information. Finally, during high school, you’ll be spending more time together than you will during college. This can lead to stronger relationships between school friends than between college friends.

How to describe a school friend

A school friend is someone you go to school with. You might know them from the same grade, or you might have met them in a different class. You probably spend a lot of time together and have a lot in common.

How to describe a college friend

A college friend is someone you go to college with. You might not have gone to the same elementary or high school, but you’ve probably met them at some point. You might share similar interests or be from the same area of the country. The thing that makes college friends different is that they’re closer than school friends. They can tell you about their lives and what’s going on in them, and you can do the same for them.

College friends are different from school friends. A college friend is someone you meet in college, who you would want to hang out with outside of class. They’re usually more fun and outgoing than your average school friend. College friends also tend to stay closer together over time since they’re all living together in close quarters.


School friends are bound by the close-knit bonds of childhood, while college friends come together through common interests and experiences. As we move on from our school years and into adulthood, these friendships tend to change. New jobs, new apartments, and new circles of acquaintances can all lead to a separation in our relationships with our old school friends. However, no matter what stage of life we are in, maintaining strong ties with those closest to us is always important. So whether you’re still keeping in touch with your high school buddies or your college buddies have moved on to different parts of the world, make sure you take time for yourself every now and then and reflect on the memories you shared together. These moments will mean more than you ever could have thought!

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